Connek Company Policies

Environmental Policy

Connek Pty Ltd is committed to a sustainable environment. It is the aim of Connek Pty Ltd to minimise the risk of harm to the environment by adopting a planned and systematic approach to the protection and prevention of risk to the environment through sustainability practices.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our processes and performance: Management will actively lead and support environmental objectives and initiatives and monitor and review performance of the organization.

Quality Policy

Connek Pty Ltd seeks ongoing sustainability and success of the organization through implementation of a quality integrated management system. We aim to be the installer of choice to our customer.

Our Company is focused on promoting a culture, practices and reputation for delivering value through fulfilling the needs and expectations of customers, and other relevant interested parties. Senior Management is committed to ensuring the quality of our services will benefit our customers and to the Plan-Do-Act cycle process approach for continuous improvement. Connek Management will:

  • Manage interacting process and resources to provide value and realize results for customers and relevant interested parties, including suppliers
  • Optimize the use of resources considering risks and opportunities and;
  • Provision of necessary resources to achieve outputs
  • Continually look for opportunities for continuous improvement to expand our customer base and attract and retain the confidence of customers.
  • Align our business objectives with our customer needs and expectations.
  • Apply evidence-based thinking through analysis, review and collection of data prior to decision making and organizational planning.


Management leadership to identify the context of the organization and determine factors, internal and external that could impact on Connek’s purpose, objectives, and sustainability, such as customers, suppliers, subcontractors, legal/statutory requirements, other political, social, economic factors, determination of the Knowledge necessary to run its processes.

  • Conduct planning, implement and review applying a risk-based thinking framework throughout all levels of the organization.
  • Engagement of our people, customers and suppliers through effective communication
  • Actively manage relationships with customers to achieve sustained success.
  • Investment and development of our people through performance evaluation, review and planning.
  • Communicate customer needs and expectations throughout the organization.
  • Align employee roles/positions with IMS objectives and targets; enhance employee awareness of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Streamline processes focusing on efficiency, quality, conformity, and consistency of service.
  • Ongoing reporting and review on performance of this IMS to promote continuous improvement.

WHS Policy

  • Connek Pty Ltd is committed to the provision of a safe work place. It is the aim of Connek Pty Ltd to seek to eliminate hazards and if not reasonably practical to do so, minimise the risk of harm to our employees, our customers, subcontractors, visitors, and other persons by adopting a planned and systematic approach to the management of workplace health, safety, and welfare.
  • Our Company goal is Zero harm and to ensure all work activities are done safely. Connek management is committed to the continuous improvement of our processes and safety performance, therefore this WHS Policy, and any plans and procedures will be reviewed at regular intervals. Connek will adopt risk-based thinking approach in relation to operational plans and activities.