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Connek Is A Specialist Telecommunications And Information Technology Professional Services Company That Provides Full-Turnkey Project Services To Australia’s Leading Carriers, Vendors And Subcontracting Companies. We also have ISO accreditation across the areas of Quality, Environment and Safety.

Wireless & Wireline Telecommunications Services

Connek provides a range of telecommunications engineering, planning, design and project management services across both wireless and fixed line telecommunications.

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About Connek

Connek is a specialist telecommunications company who provide and manage high quality technical crews delivering to all parts of the telecommunications network inclusive of design, build and restoration.

We call upon the skills and experience of our hand selected teams on large scale national telecommunications projects. To date we have managed over 100 crews delivering on over 30 large scale ongoing projects across four states. Our diverse experience ensures that we are able to ramp up quickly for any project where there is a need for skilled resources at short notice.

Connek has developed a robust Integrated Management plan which dictates exceptionally high standards of Health, Safety and Environment risk management and is responsible for our impeccable compliance rates across all of our contracts.

Using a tailored contracting management system we ensure only the techs with the right  skills and tools are used on our projects. The ongoing audits of our field crews ensure that standards never slip, and our processes are constantly reviewed both internally and with our clients and crews.

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Connek understands the importance of forming a trusting, long lasting relationship with our clients. We believe that honesty is the foundation upon which many aspects of our professional lives are built. Our professional reputations depend heavily on honesty and integrity, and we at Connek hold this in high regard.


Running a transparent business means we are open and honest with our clients throughout every aspect of the project or assignment.

We run regular performance reviews and share our compliance data to ensure we are delivering exactly what is required by our clients in a safe and efficient manner.


Connek thrives to build and maintain ongoing partnerships with our client. We have a policy that ensures the correct, transparent processes are implemented by our staff and management. We value your business and will always attempt to partner with our clients rather than just provide a service.


Current Projects

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an Australia wide project to upgrade the existing fixed line phone and internet network infrastructure. It is essential for Australia’s transition to a digital future. Fast broadband has the potential to fuel growth and drive improvements to local economies, businesses and homes, bringing new opportunities to the whole country.


Once you are onboarded with Connek, we can move you between our current projects, so you are always working in the area with the highest volume of jobs. Our fortnightly payment terms guarantee a steady cashflow, and it is our aim to keep you busy and provide you and your company with opportunities to expand.

Our team manage your compliance, assists with invoicing, and workflow and onboarding, allowing you to focus on your business and works.

Connek Team

Connek is a firm believer that a company’s success relies heavily on the management team and employees that drive the company on a daily basis. Backed with a dynamic management team, Connek’s short term goal is to generate multiple business opportunities within the information technology & telecommunications space, whilst having a long term strategy of becoming the known “go-to” professionals in Australia and New Zealand. Connek’s team in made up of young talented professionals who work together to achieve a common goal.
Matt Huddle

Matt Huddle

Brent Barnes

Brent Barnes

Non Executive Director
Karly Barnes

Karly Barnes

General Manager

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